The Anti-Suicide poem

I stumbled upon a horrendous occurrence lately,

Comical or melancholic? Couldn’t draw it clearly.

Was it funny? The way internet took up the task of a devil?

Or just too awful that we let it consume us at this level?
“Blue Whale” read the sick article in bold;

Turning the zeal into goosebumps as we unfold.

A disgrace, how the most precious gift to us

Dodged like a game, going on making a fuss.
It stated having 50 levels of self destruction;

Smirking at the dreadful self love’s abduction,

Exploiting the one’s who are constantly hurting,

When did emotions turn so alerting?
Sometimes the idea of dying seems too enticing,

Leaving to us only the thoughts of despising

And engaging us into a labyrinth of contemplation

Resulting into believing death, disguised as the only option.
Let me propose you this worthy purchase,

To divert you from the greys, just in case.

There is nothing that can put a price on your life,

Even when you’re engaged in a self strife.
You can never escape or quit the pain you suffer,

When you end yourself, you just pass it further.

A life isn’t just the end of one living soul;

For, it is connected to so much more as a whole.
No matter how dreadful your life’s wreck seems,

It’s not worth giving up into the hands of a social theme.

I know it’s better said than done when your demons keep lurking,

But trust me, it’s futile the way you keep the truth shirking.
The truth that many lives are connected with you

And life for them will slow down such, you’ve no clue.

The truth that you still have a lot to look ahead

And the melancholy is just temporary to dread.
Just try believing that your troubles will fade away in distance,

And suicide is never the option or the instance.

It’s too early to close the curtains and end the show now;

For, faith still lies beneath and sun shines after the dark anyhow!
PS: Everything eventually falls into place. No matter how confusing your paths seem now, someday all the mess makes sense and it makes you smile. I hope you’ve the courage to hold onto it till then. 🙂 

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