Beauty undefined.

What is beauty?
A three word question and maybe a million sets of answers. Ever wondered why? Because every creature on this planet wishes to be every other creature’s definition of beautiful. Each person on this planet is brought with a different set of features and that in itself is truly beautiful, because such an amazing artist the Creator would be to design a new pattern of beauty in each person.
In today’s world we humans fail to aprreciate this effort of the Creator and try to be what other think of as “beauty”. This fact has tremendously helped the producers of beauty products expand their business. And that’s a shame in itself.
We all have been criticized by someone for the imperfections we have and the way we perceive it destroys it all. Because we think our imperfections are our flaws when they are our real beauty spot.
When we’re stuck on a particular person’s definition of beauty and try to change ourselves according to them, we fail to consent the fact that we’re missing out on those amazing persons, places and situations for which we’re perfectly carved. We run behind the things we’re not meant for leaving behind the things we’re made for showing the true sign of ungratefulness. And that eventually prevents us from self acceptance while leading to the issue of self hatred which we’re unaware of.
How I wish everyone knew, we’re all beautiful in our own way, in our own frame, just fail to accept it in our own heart and mind. Beauty remains undefined.

4 thoughts on “Beauty undefined.

  1. To keep the professional tone ! Your piece of words should be appreciated:) as demonstrated in your post ; all 3 of them were genuinely too good and I appreciate your efforts ! I loved it to that extent , can’t express much here out !!!
    Just proud of you Divi:)


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